What Are Some Salons That Specialize in Dreadlock Hair Styles?


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Salons that specialize in dreadlock hair styles include Dollylocks and Knotty Boy, as of 2015. Both salons have a headquarters and affiliates that use the same methods.

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Dollylocks offers new dreadlocks, dreadlock extensions, synthetic dreadlocks and dreadlock maintenance. The salon is in Saint Petersburg, Florida. For information on Dollylocks affiliate locations, visit the Dollylocks.com homepage and click Where To Buy. Each affiliate listing includes the salon name and any other available information, such as the address, phone number, website and email address.

Knotty Boy offers dreadlock services that vary depending on the location. The company's headquarters, which is called the Dreadquarters, is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For information on Knotty Boy affiliate locations, visit the KnottyBoy.com homepage and click Store Locator under the Store heading. Click the Affiliate Stylists tab. Each affiliate listing includes that affiliate's name, address, phone number, services and website, if available.

Hair stylists who perform dreadlock services are also known as loctitians. Methods used to create dreadlocks vary depending on the stylist and the client's hair, as different types of hair require different techniques. Stylists can form dreads naturally or perm the hair specifically for dreadlocks. Since dreadlocks take time to grow, some stylists offer synthetic dreadlocks, which are pre-dreaded hair extensions. The client must have the synthetic dreadlocks adjusted as the hair grows.

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