Do Any Salons Post Acrylic Nail Design Samples?


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Nail salons do not post pictures on their websites. However, samples can be found on various social media, compilation websites and other kinds of websites.

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Nail Art Gallery is one website where various designs can be found. These pictures are posted by members of the site and titled with the design of the nail. Photos are tagged with specific words to link them to certain nail designs, such as acrylic nails. Searching for one keyword generates results with thousands of samples. These samples vary from simple and understated to bold and out there.

Photos on Nail Art Gallery can also be searched by other categories, such as most popular or recently posted. These allow for other tags to show as well, giving a varied environment of samples to see.

Another site that shows samples of acrylic nail art is All for Fashion Design. The samples on this site are in a list format and provide pictures and background information. The names of each design are given to describe the design as much as possible in few words. Descriptions of the pictures themselves are not given because of the way the names are designed. Articles are posted in an anonymous fashion since the authors use screen names.

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