What Salon Services Are Included on the Fantastic Sams Price List?

salon-services-included-fantastic-sams-price-list Credit: Take A Pix Media/Blend Images/Getty Images

Fantastic Sams is a full service budget salon that offers cuts, color, texturizing, treatments and styles. Prices for each service vary by location, though they are set by the corporate offices.

Fantastic Sams bills itself as a salon that offers all the typical services but at a fraction of the cost. Each haircut starts with the FS shampoo therapy that includes a three-minute scalp massage. Adult and kid's cuts come as regular services or as "plus" services, which also include a blow dry. Designer cuts also include curling.

Texturizing services are those that change the texture of the hair. For example, the fantastictexture is a permanent wave procedure, while the curl smoother eliminates curls.

Fantastic Sams offers three treatments. Deep conditioning hydrates the hair while reconstructive treatments repair damaged hair. Chelating treatments are designed to remove chemicals and product buildup.

Color services at Fantastic Sams include full color and color retouch. The salon also offers highlighting services such as tipping, blonding, foil highlights and lowlights.

The salon also offers a range of other services, such as beard and mustache trims. Women can choose to get blow outs, curled styles, shampoo sets and special occasion styles. Both chemical and non-chemical straightening is available. Some locations also provide facial waxing services.