What Are Some Safety Risks Associated With Permanent Eye Makeup?


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Permanent eye makeup carries several risks, including allergic reaction to the pigmentation, infection, granulomas and keloids, according to WebMD. Additionally, consumers with permanent makeup have reported swelling and burning during magnetic resonance imaging, states the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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Recipients of permanent eye makeup have reported experiencing staphylococcus and strep infections at the site of application. Usually this is the result of dirty needles or poor aftercare. Some patients experience severe allergic reactions and permanent scarring from the procedure, according to the New York Times.

Permanent makeup is a tattoo designed to make recipients look as if they are always wearing makeup. Similar to a regular tattoo, pigment is applied with a needle to the desired areas. The ink only enters the top layer of the skin, and follow-up visits may be necessary to achieve permanent results, reports HowStuffWorks.

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