What Is a Safety Razor Used For?


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A safety razor is used for shaving. It is a razor with a guard that reduces the risk of injury and limits razor blade exposure, unlike a straight razor, which does not have such a guard. The term "safety razor" is used to refer to disposable multiblade cartridge razors and traditional double-edge safety razors.

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The first modern safety razor was created by K.C. Gillette and started being mass-produced in 1904. This revolutionized shaving for men, as they were able to shave at home instead of traveling to barber shops to get a sharp, clean shave. It was the preferred razor until the 1970s, and it is popular with men who prefer traditional shaving because of the superior results it provides. Traditional double-edged safety razors come in one-, two- and three-piece designs.

Wet shaving with a safety razor is considered to have many benefits when compared to shaving with a mass-market cartridge razor. The benefits include protecting the skin from irritation and leaving the face feeling hydrated after each shave. Men who use mass-market cartridge razors tend to shave less because they want to avoid irritation and pain. Safety razors have higher up-front costs than mass-market cartridge razors, but they provide a higher-quality shave.

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