What Are the Safest Methods of Piercing the Body?


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For health and safety reasons, the first thing to consider when getting a body piercing is that it is done by a professional and that the piercing shop or studio has a clean environment. The person doing the piercing should follow hygienic procedures to minimize the risk of infection that include wearing new sterile gloves and using new and disposable needles for the piercing.

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There are many other things to look out for if a person is getting a piercing. For example, there should be an autoclave to sterilize any instruments used for the piercing. Piercing guns should not be used for a piercing because it cannot be cleaned in an autoclave. Similarly, the use of these guns can cause skin damage, states the Association of Professional Piercers. If jewelry is required, then it should be non-allergic types.

Following these guidelines can reduce the chance of blood-borne diseases, according to the University of Michigan. Once a person gets his piercing, aftercare instructions should be followed to avoid infections.

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