What Are Some Safe Ways to Remove Acrylic Nails?


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Safe ways to remove acrylic nails include clipping and filing the nails away, soaking in pure acetone, and using a dental floss to saw the nails off. Care should be taken with each method to avoid nail damage.

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To remove by clipping and filing, cut the nails down and file the acrylic on each nail until only a thin layer is left. Use a cuticle stick to lift the edges of the remaining acrylic and cut them. Buff away the remaining acrylic and moisturize. To use a dental floss, start by gently prying the edges of the acrylic using a cuticle stick. Insert a dental floss string underneath the lifted acrylic and softly saw until it comes off. Buff away any remaining traces and moisturize.

When using acetone, clip the nails down and pour pure acetone into a bowl until it is half full. Apply petroleum jelly to each nail and dip them in acetone or soak 10 pieces of cotton and wrap them around the nails. Soak for 30 until the acrylics are soft and come off easily. Scrap off any remnants using a buffer and moisturize.

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