What Is a Safe Way to Remove Earwax at Home?


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Using a saline solution is one safe way to remove earwax at home. One should take a cotton ball soaked in a salt and warm water solution, drip a few drops into one ear until it washes the whole canal and then tilt the head to drain the solution.

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What Is a Safe Way to Remove Earwax at Home?
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Another option for clearing earwax is to use hydrogen peroxide mixed in equal parts water. Soak the cotton ball in the solution, and repeat the same steps. Using a vinegar and alcohol solution is also a safe technique. Mix equal parts alcohol and vinegar, and repeat the same steps as you would with the saline and hydrogen peroxide solutions.

Baby or mineral oil can be used by taking a dropper of the oil and squeezing no more than five drops into the ear canal. The ear is plugged by a cotton ball for several minutes, then the oil is cleansed using a saline solution to flush it out.

Use caution when using the fluid solutions, and do not spray them into the ear canal, as this can cause an ear infection. It is also not safe to use Q-tips for deep cleaning, as they tend to push the earwax deeper into the ear canal. Ear candles are also unsafe, as they are not capable of vacuuming out ear wax and may deposit the candle wax in the ear instead.

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