What's the Best Treatment for Crepey Skin on the Arms and Other Body Parts?


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The best approach to treating and preventing crepey skin is applying a moisturizing sunscreen of at least SPF 30 daily. A moisturizer will help keep skin supple-looking, and the sun block will prevent any more of the sun damage that adds up over the years, explains Carole Maggio, a licensed esthetician and spa owner.

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With time, skin begins to produce fewer skin cells, which can lead to drier, crepey skin. Oil production also decreases, leaving skin with less of the natural oils that are made to clear the skin of dead cells and pathogens, explains The Dermatology Review. Fewer oils can mean more wrinkles, and crepey skin. Applying a moisturizing sunscreen can add needed moisture and give skin a younger, tighter, and brighter appearance, while at the same time protecting against sun damage.

Sunscreen is an extremely important part of caring for your skin and its appearance. Every good skincare routine includes protection for the sun's damaging rays, even on days when the sun is not bright or you spend much time outdoors. Always apply sunscreen to face, neck, chest, arms and hands each morning before heading out the door. Sun damage lessens skin's elasticity, but applying a moisturizing sunscreen can help undo dryness and prevent any further damage to delicate skin down the line, notes Today.com

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