What's a Good Way to View Samples of Firefighter Tattoos?

What's a Good Way to View Samples of Firefighter Tattoos?

To view samples of firefighter tattoos, visit StrikeTheBox.com. This website was specifically created to promote and display real firefighter tattoos. Another way to see firefighter tattoo samples is to search for articles relating to tattoos on firefighter organization websites. As of 2015, many organizations have written articles specifically about firefighter tattoos.

StrikeTheBox.com offers a comprehensive gallery of firefighter tattoos, organized by style and type. Types of tattoos range from single tattoos and armbands to full back tattoos. Styles include cartoon firefighter tattoos, Dalmatians, helmets, memorial and tribute tattoos, and fire district logos and emblems. This site also allows users to upload photos of their own firefighter-related tattoos. The site is updated regularly.

There are many firefighter organizations with websites, and some have written articles featuring photos of firefighter tattoos. Examples include FirefightersWorldwide.com and FireRescue1.com.

To view tattoos on FirefightersWorldwide.com, simply enter "tattoos" in the search bar at the top left corner of the page. Related articles, such as "Firefighter Tattoo Showcase" from November 2013, display a gallery of tattoo photos.

Similarly, to view tattoos on FireRescue1.com, enter "tattoos" in the search bar at the top of the page. Among others, an article from January 2015 entitled "15 Awesome Firefighter Tattoos" offers many photos to view.