What's a Good Way to Learn How to Do New Hairstyles?


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A good way to learn how to do new hairstyles is to try a new hairstyle everyday for a week. Use hairstyles that are simple to create and take about 10 minutes to complete.

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What's a Good Way to Learn How to Do New Hairstyles?
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On the first day, the front 1-inch section is twisted on one or both sides and pinned behind the ear and under loose hair with two crossed bobby pins. The second day is a sleek low ponytail. A small section of hair under the ponytail is left out before hair is tied back and is later wrapped around the elastic and pinned underneath. On the third day, a one-sided French braid is gathered into a bun at the nape of the neck. On day four, hair is teased at the crown, pulled back into a twisted half updo and pinned with crossed bobby pins.

Day five is a simple, sleek bun with a deep part. The hair in the bun is either twisted around the ponytail and pinned or braided, twisted and pinned. Day six is tougher but starts with a side ponytail that sits above the ear and side parted fringe. The ponytail is separated into two section and twisted over the crown in different places and then pinned. The final day is a wavy faux bob, for which the ends of the hair are pinned underneath the hair at the nape so that the hair falls just past the chin.

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