Why Do the Roots of My Hair Hurt?

Several things can cause hair roots to feel sore, including tight hairstyles, long and heavy hair, damage from chemical services and infection. According to Allure, any amount of tension or pressure placed on the root of the hair can irritate the nerve endings found in hair follicles, resulting in pain. Traction commonly occurs during chemical services such as perms and in certain hairstyles like braids.

In addition to pain, tension can cause hair loss in a condition called traction alopecia says MedicineNet. This condition occurs as a result of repeated irritation and damage to the hair follicle, which results in scarring. In extreme cases, follicles become permanently damaged, resulting in permanent baldness.

Perm rods that are rolled too tight can place tension on the hair root, resulting in soreness. Additionally, hair follicles may become damaged from the chemicals used in salon services such as perms, relaxers and color, according to The Natural Haven. This occurs when chemicals penetrate the hair follicle and begin to break down the structures found there. In extreme cases, damage to the follicle is permanent, resulting in permanent hair loss.

Allure recommends wearing hair in a loose braid or ponytail to prevent soreness and breakage due to tension or traction.