How Do I Roller Set Wet Hair?

How Do I Roller Set Wet Hair?

How Do I Roller Set Wet Hair?

To roller set wet hair, wash it, apply setting lotion and divide the hair into sections. Comb out a strand no thicker than the roller is wide, roll the roller into place, secure it with a pin, and dry the hair. Brush out the curls, and finish the style.

  1. Wet the hair

    Wash and condition the hair as usual. Blot excess moisture from the hair, but keep it very damp. Keep a spray bottle handy, as hair needs to be thoroughly wet to set on rollers.

  2. Apply the product

    Pour a small amount of setting lotion into your palm, and rub to emulsify it. Spread the lotion evenly into the hair, starting from the roots out.

  3. Divide the hair

    Use a comb to create a part. Create more sections the width of a roller. Plan for specialty areas such as the bangs and sides, curving them into arcs, if desired.

  4. Prepare a strand

    Section off a strand of hair no wider than the roller's width at its base. Comb the hair straight and slightly forward of the base so that the roller ends up resting squarely on the base.

  5. Roll the hair

    Place the roller on the end of the hair, and roll it down to the scalp. Secure with a clip placed as close to the scalp as possible. Roll all strands this way.

  6. Dry the hair

    Dry the hair under a hood until it is completely dry. Alternatively, allow to air dry, though this takes much longer. Drop the rollers when the hair is dry.

  7. Finish the style

    Brush out the curls, adding back combing at the roots if desired. Finish with hairspray.