What Role Do the Active Ingredients in Replens Play in Its Efficacy?


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Replens long-lasting vaginal moisturizer contains polycarbophil, a patented bio-adhesive polymer that attaches to the dry, compacted epithelial cells of the vaginal lining and delivers moisture and electrolytes to reduce dryness symptoms. The formula supplements the body’s natural lubrication to maintain smooth and hydrated vaginal tissues for up to three days.

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Replens long-lasting vaginal moisturizer contains ingredients such as polycarbophil, glycerin, purified water, mineral oil and methylparaben. Polycarbophil offers immediate action to induce moisturizing effects, while glycerin helps maintain moisture over a long duration. Polycarbophil is a negatively charged ingredient that pulls moisture and electrolytes into the underlying vaginal cells. The electrolytes reach into the vasculature and help increase blood supply to tissues. With regeneration of cells of the vaginal wall, the polymer and dry cells eliminate from the body naturally.

Users can apply the vaginal moisturizer at any time of day and night, but it works best when used on a regular schedule, states Replens.com. The moisturizer is estrogen-free and compatible with natural rubber latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms.

Replens silky smooth personal lubricant is a non-irritating, premium silicone lubricant that moisturizes and lubricates the vaginal tissues to enhance comfort and pleasure during intimate sexual activity. The lubricant is preservation-free and lasts longer than water-based lubricants.

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