Does Rogaine Work on Frontal Baldness?

Rogaine works on frontal baldness as long as the area is just beginning to thin. Rogaine is effective on any area where there is miniaturized hair. Miniaturized hair on the scalp is not easily visible to the naked eye, so it is always important to consult with a Rogaine specialist before proceeding with treatment.

Rogaine is the brand name for minoxidil, a topical treatment that promotes hair growth. Minoxidil, originally utilized as a blood pressure medication, has a side effect of hair growth. Studies have found that minoxidil is a safe and effective treatment for male pattern baldness, and it is now one of the most popular treatments for hair loss in both men and women.

Rogaine is available in both topical liquid and foam solutions. It works best when applied twice a day, or when applied at bedtime in a double dose. Rogaine is most effective when it is used on a regular, consistent basis. Results appear within three to six months. One of the most common side effects to Rogaine is hair shedding, and this often causes concern in first-time users. Shedding is an indicator that the medication is working as it should. Shedding symptoms typically subside within the six-month time frame when thicker and fuller hair begins to emerge.