Does Rogaine for Women Work?


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Rogaine, generic name minoxidil, is effective for androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss. Rogaine is the only FDA-approved treatment for androgenic alopecia, which about one-third of women experience..

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In an interview with Everyday Health, Dr. Clarissa Yang, a dermatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, states that Rogaine is only effective if the female hair loss is due to female pattern baldness. It can stop hair loss and even help regrow hair.

Harvard Health publications cite two double blind studies performed with women 18 to 45. Up to 60% of the women reported some new hair growth. Rogaine can produce some new growth of fine hair but cannot reproduce the original density. Rogaine works best when instituted as soon as hair loss is noted and can take several months to a year to work.

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