What Is the Right Way to Dye Hair Multiple Colors?

right-way-dye-hair-multiple-colors Credit: PYMCA / Contributor/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Techniques for dyeing the hair multiple colors depends on what type of color is being used; for multiple shades of the same color, such as multi-tone blonde highlights, the technique will require fewer steps than the process of dying hair multiple different colors, such as purple and blue. Those people who want to dye their hair multiple different colors will first need to make sure the hair is light enough for any color to show through, and for any but the lightest blonde hair, this will require bleaching as a first step. The color can then be applied once the hair has become light enough for different colors to show.

Those people who want to dye their hair multiple distinctly different colors should take care to research whether the dyes they are using are compatible and that they require the same methods of application, a similar amount of time on the hair, similar rinsing methods and the same aftercare. If the dyes are are the same or similar in all aspects, they can be applied simultaneously and, if not, they should be applied at different times. Either way, application and rinsing should take place carefully to ensure the two colors do not simply blend into one color, ruining the intended effect.