What Is the Right Way to Dress for a '70s Party?

Fashions on the 1970s focused heavily on bell-bottom or flared pants for both men and women and mini- and maxi-skirt styles for women in addition to the general use synthetic fabrics, such as rayon and polyester. Clothing and other items from the 1970s are often characterized by the colors that were popular at the time, including yellows; orange colors like rust and tangerine; green colors like avocado and pistachio; and neutrals like beige and camel. Different subcultures in the '70s also influenced different looks, including disco looks that included leisure suits with wide collars for men and halter or tube tops with tight pants for women.

The 1970s also saw the influence of "glam" and the introduction of gold lame or foil and sequined fabrics, which were most typically used for women's clothing, particularly for evening or party wear. Many men relied heavily on the T-shirt-and-jeans look that is still popular today, although the cut of the shirt and pants were characteristic of the '70s look, including the presence of wide flares on the jeans and tighter T-shirts. The slimmer cut of men's clothing in the '70s was influenced in part by the influence of slim-cut European suits.