How Do You Find the Right Size for a Tilley Hat?

How Do You Find the Right Size for a Tilley Hat?

Ways to find the right size for a Tilley hat include use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head, ordering a size larger than your usual hat size and visiting a Tilley hat retailer for professional fitting. Tilley hats are available in 13 different sizes.

Wrap a tape measure around the head with the bottom of the tape touching the area just above the eyebrows. Insert two fingers flat between the tape measure and your forehead because Tilley hats are designed to fit looser than other brands. Keep the tape measure straight to get an accurate measurement. Read the measurements in centimeters or inches and cross-reference the numbers with the Tilley hat measurement chart available on the Tilley website.

Alternatively, order a size larger than your regular hat size for other brands if you already know your measurements. A good fit should easily rotate right or left around your head.

Tilley hat retailers have special Tilley tapes to measure the correct hat size. Visiting a retailer ensures that you get a professional fit.

Tilley hats are available in two distinct styles, the oval crown and round crown. The measurements for each are identical but feel different on the head. The hats are also available in different fabrics including hemp, cotton and lightweight nylon. The different weights of the fabrics mean that each option looks and feels different.