How Do You Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair?


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To get rid of upper lip hair, purchase a home waxing kit, wash your face, apply wax and wax strips to your upper lip area, and pull off the strips. Clean the remaining wax from your face and apply a soothing product.

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  1. Buy a waxing kit

    Compare prices and purchase a waxing kit suitable to remove facial hair.

  2. Wash your face

    Thoroughly wash your face and hands before you begin. Be sure your skin is completely dry before you begin by lightly dusting powder on the area you are waxing.

  3. Apply wax and wax strips

    Apply a thin layer of wax and wax strips on the area to be waxed. Work in sections. Make the area under your nose one section, and divide the areas on both sides into two sections, to create five total sections.

  4. Remove the wax strips

    Remove the wax strips with one quick pull in the opposite direction the hair grows. The hair comes off in the wax.

  5. Remove the remaining wax

    Remove any wax that failed to come off with the strips. Use wax remover, baby oil or Vaseline to remove any wax that failed to come off with the strips.

  6. Apply a soothing product

    Apply an aloe-based soothing product to the waxed area.

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