How Do You Get Rid of Thread Veins on the Face?


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A report on the Daily Mail website notes that patients have several options to get rid of thread veins including electrolysis, laser therapy and sclerotherapy. However, the method of treatment often depends upon the size of the veins and other factors, such as the preferences of the patient. Furthermore, the color and depth of the veins also have an effect on the type of treatment that works best for the condition.

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For instance, on The Guardian website, cosmetic doctor Patrick Bowler says that people with pale skin and bright thread veins benefit from lasers and intense pulsed light therapies because these therapies focus on color. However, consultant dermatologist and honorary secretary of the British Skin Foundation Mark Goodfield claims that sclerotherapy does not have a good track record with facial thread veins. He also advises that patients looking to get rid of thread veins consult with a physician first to find out the root cause of the thread veins. For example, he mentions that thread veins may occur genetically or as part of a condition such as rosacea, so antibiotics may treat the problem. The report on the Daily Mail website notes that veins larger than 4 millimeters require sclerotherapy to shrink the vein until it disappears.

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