How Do I Get Rid of Tan Lines Quickly?

To get rid of tan lines, fade the tanned skin, apply either gradual or quick-working tanning lotion and cover with liquid bronzer. Getting rid of tan lines takes up to a week and requires exfoliating treatment, tanning lotion, liquid bronzer, powder bronzer and a foam applicator.

  1. Scrub the tan

    Use an exfoliating treatment, such as a sugar scrub, to scrub the tanned skin. This helps to remove the color from the tan. Alternatively, try a mask of baking soda and water, which also helps the tan to fade.

  2. Apply a gradual tanning lotion

    Glamour magazine recommends applying a gradual tanning lotion, such as Jergens Natural Glow, to the untanned parts of the skin daily. Apply the gradual tanning lotion to freshly washed and exfoliated skin.

  3. Select a quick-tan lotion

    Because gradual tanning lotions take a week or more, it may be necessary to speed the process along. Select a fast-acting tanner, such as Clarins.

  4. Prepare the skin

    Rather than using a sugar scrub, which can leave residue on the skin, scrub the tanned skin with a loofah or other mechanical scrubber. Dry the skin completely, and wait 30 minutes before applying any tanner.

  5. Apply the tanner

    Use a foam applicator to paint the tanner onto the untanned skin. Paint right up to the tan lines, but be careful not to paint over them. Let the tanner set completely. If necessary, apply again.

  6. Apply liquid bronzer

    Select a liquid bronzer as close in color to the tanned skin as possible. Mix the bronzer with lotion. Carefully apply this mix to the untanned skin only. Set it by dusting a powder bronzer over the area.