How Do You Get Rid of Stretch Marks With Home Remedies?


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Home remedies for stretch marks include cocoa butter, shea butter, potato juice, sugar, wheat germ oil and vitamin E. However, as the Mayo Clinic points out, scientific studies show that most home remedies don't help much, and the best cure for stretch marks may be to wait for them to fade on their own.

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Liberal use of moisturizers containing cocoa butter or shea butter may help to soothe painful stretch marks and ease the dryness that typically accompanies them. Cooling the moisturizer in the refrigerator before use may produce better results. Applying cocoa butter a minimum of twice a day is recommended. Avoid any moisturizers or other skin products that contain alcohol.

Rubbing a freshly cut potato over stretch marks may help reduce the marks, or you may choose to apply sugar mixed with almond oil and lemon juice. Many people believe in applying vitamin E to stretch marks because of its purported abilities to reduce scarring.

If wheat germ oil is applied when stretch marks first start to appear, it may help minimize them. Combining cocoa butter with wheat germ oil is also recommended. Other home remedies that might be helpful when applied directly to the skin include egg whites, castor oil, olive oil, lemon juice and aloe vera.

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