How Do You Get Rid of Shaving Bumps?


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Stop shaving bumps by giving the skin a break from shaving to provide time for healing. If a bump is noted, use a clean, sterilized needle or tweezers to lift the end of the hair shaft from the skin. In some cases, shavers find it necessary to use a hydrocortisone or antibiotic cream to stop bumps from forming.

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The way a person shaves can increase the potential to form shaving bumps. Stretching the skin tight, shaving against the normal direction of growth for the hair and rinsing the face after shaving in warm or hot water also increases the chances of forming bumps.

When using an electric razor, choose the setting that avoids cutting the beard at the shortest possible length to prevent more bumps from forming. Shaving immediately after a shower, or while still in the shower, softens the whiskers. Replacing razor blades when dull, at least once per week, reduces the number of razor bumps.

Individuals with hair that grows in a tightly curled pattern are the most likely to be affected by razor bumps. When using tweezers to remove the cut end of hair from the follicle, users should be careful to avoid plucking hairs. Plucking results in a very short hair that is likely to cause another bump to form.

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