How Do You Get Rid of Scars on Legs?

To get rid of scars on the legs at home, use cocoa butter daily, and alternate applying a lemon juice tonic with a honey paste. For persistent scars, try microdermabrasion or laser therapy.

  1. Start using cocoa butter

    Use cocoa butter to moisturize the legs, applying it two to three times a day. Massage the scarred areas to promote the repair of the damaged skin.

  2. Apply a lemon juice tonic

    Apply lemon juice tonic directly to the dark areas several times a week. Squeeze juice from a fresh lemon, and soak a cotton ball in the juice. Apply a liberal amount to the darkened skin, and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The alpha-hydroxy acids in lemon juice help exfoliate the skin, thus lightening the skin.

  3. Massage with honey

    On the days you don't use lemon juice, make a honey paste. Mix two parts raw honey with one part baking soda to form the paste. Massage this onto the scarred area for three minutes. Put a warm towel over the area, and allow it to cool. Wash away the honey. Honey stimulates the regeneration of skin tissue.

  4. Try microdermabrasion

    If home remedies are not working, get microdermabrasion treatments on your legs. The treatments use crystals to deeply exfoliate the skin, thus making your legs look polished. Getting rid of the top layer also lightens discolored skin.

  5. Get laser scar removal

    For deep or darker scars, it may be necessary to go to a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons use lasers to target the underlying layers of the skin, thus reshaping the scar tissue.