How Do I Get Rid of Red Marks From Pimples and Astringents?

To get rid of red marks from pimples, use gentle skin-care products, a chemical exfoliant such as AHA or BHA daily, a product containing antioxidants and use sunscreen daily; do not use harsh scrubs. Medical treatment may be required for physical scarring that is not just discoloration.

Red or pink marks following acne are caused by hyperpigmentation of the skin. They are not caused by melanin, so treatments for skin lightening do not help. When damage occurs to deeper skin layers and leaves a physical scar, medical treatment is required. Red or pink marks should be treated gently. Use a gentle cleanser without harsh scrubbing agents, so the skin can heal.

To promote cell turnover, use a product containing alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid; the latter is especially helpful because it goes deeper into the pores and helps prevent future breakouts. It is important to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day to protect new skin and prevent sun-damaged skin. This can also be accomplished by using a tinted moisturizer or foundation containing sunscreen, which also helps camouflage marks. Antioxidant vitamins and skin communicating ingredients such as niacinamide and retinol helps your skin heal while protecting it. These ingredients also help reduce inflammation.