How Do You Get Rid of Razor Bumps on the Legs?

Although razor bumps usually resolve on their own when shaving is stopped, there are ways to speed up healing, such as tweezing out the offending hairs and applying solutions, ointments and creams to the infected area. Razor bumps is actually a medical condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae and it is usually caused when the hair grows inward into the skin after shaving. In some cases, especially when the hair is shaved too close, the hair penetrates the follicle from within the skin.

Razor bumps appear as small irritated bumps on the skin. Some of the bumps develop pustules, especially when there is bacteria on the skin. People with naturally curly hair are more likely to get razor bumps as the hair tend to curl and grow into the skin.

Step 1: Grow out the hair

Let the hair grow out for a few days to see if the hair grows out of the bump.

Step 2: Release hair shafts

Use a clean needle to carefully release a hair shaft that is growing into the skin.

Step 3: Tweeze the hairs

Using a pair of tweezers, pluck out stubborn hair shafts that keeps on growing inwards into the skin. Plucking will be made easier if the area is first cleaned with a wash cloth soaked in warm water and then exfoliated with a sugar scrub made with a cup of granulated sugar and half a cup of olive oil.

Step 4: Protect the skin

Apply any solution that will aid in the healing process, such as tea tree oil, which can help fight off infection, or aloe vera gel, which can soothe skin irritation and inflammation.