How Do You Get Rid of Razor Bump Scars?


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Laser treatments, dermabrasion and tissue fillers may be utilized to fade lasting razor bump scars, according to the Mayo Clinic. Self-care, such as a warm compress, soothing lotion and cleaning the affected area is the best way to get rid of razor burn scars.

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Razor burn is a form of folliculitis and can usually be taken care of at home with self-care. Other forms of folliculitis include hot tub rash and barber's itch. Generally, folliculitis disappear in a couple of days. If the razor burn doesn't go away or begin to show significant improvement in a few days, it is best to see a primary care doctor, as infections are possible. A primary care doctor may then refer the patient to a dermatologist for further treatment.

In the case of razor burn, folliculitis is caused by the friction of the razor against the skin. In order to prevent razor burn, Mayo Clinic recommends using an electric razor or a new, sharp razor with each shave. Using shaving cream or lotion when shaving can also help prevent razor bumps. Following shaving, thoroughly moisturize the skin with a non-scented lotion in order to further prevent razor burn and other unwanted skin conditions.

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