How Do You Get Rid of Old Stretch Marks?


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While treatments are most effective when stretch marks are still new and red, even older stretch marks can be faded with gels made from onion extract and hylauronic acid. Applying prescription retinoid creams or lemon juice to the stretch marks may also work. Some people find that their stretch marks fade to barely noticeable lines, while others are left with dark marks even after treatment.

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Gels made from onion extract and hylauronic acid are available over the counter for use on stretch marks. One study found that patients who used these creams daily experienced significant fading of their stretch marks within 12 weeks. Prescription retinoid creams, another treatment option, work by speeding up cell turnover. They also cause new collagen to form under the skin, which makes the skin look fuller and reduces the appearance of stretch marks over time.

Lemon juice is a good choice if you want to fade your stretch marks naturally. Its acidic nature stimulates the skin to heal. To use lemon juice on your stretch marks, rub freshly squeezed juice over the scarred area, and then let it soak into your skin for at least 10 minutes. Rinse the juice away with warm water, and repeat this process daily until your stretch marks are faded.

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