How Do You Get Rid of Oily Hair?


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Get rid of oily hair by making sure that the shampoo and conditioner used on the hair is washed out completely, and only use a clarifying shampoo or hair treatment twice a month. The hair should also be rinsed using cool water, and air dried. Avoid touching it throughout the day.

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Another way to get rid of oily hair is to skip washing the hair every day. Although washing the hair removes excess oil, it also causes the scalp to produce more oil to replace the oil that is lost during washing. To do this, start by not washing the hair at least one day a week, then add another day until the hair can go for two to three days without washing. It takes a few months for the scalp's oil production to become regulated using this method. On the days when the hair is not being shampooed, using a dry shampoo or hair powder works to dry the excess oil in the hair.

Excess oil is often caused by shampoo or conditioner that has not been removed completely. Rinse the hair for at least 30 seconds after washing to ensure that the products are thoroughly removed. Avoid using clarifying shampoo or clarifying hair treatments on the hair too often, as they contribute to the extra production of oil. However, a clarifying shampoo does remove oil on the hair when used sparingly. Rinse the hair with cool water to prevent the stimulation of the oil glands in the scalp. The heat that is used when rinsing the hair with warm water or blow drying the hair after washing causes the scalp to produce even more oil. Excess oil is also produced by the scalp when the hair is touched, brushed or styled.

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