How Do You Get Rid of Nose Hair?

How Do You Get Rid of Nose Hair?

To get rid of nose hair, press your nose back with a fingertip, and use an electric nose hair trimmer to remove the hairs. Use nose hair scissors to trim the hairs between removal sessions.

  1. Press your nose back

    Before you begin trimming your nose hairs, press the tip of your nose back so you can see inside your nostrils. This makes it easier to insert the nose hair trimmer into the nostrils and helps prevent nicks and cuts.

  2. Trim the hairs

    Turn the trimmer on, and carefully insert it into your nostril. Gently swirl the trimmer around the edges of your nostril without pressing too firmly. Trim the nose hairs until they no longer extend outside the nostril, but don't remove the hairs entirely, as they protect you from airborne pathogens. Clean the trimmer after each use, and sterilize it by applying rubbing alcohol to the blades with a cotton swab.

  3. Use nose hair scissors

    Use nose hair scissors for quick trims when needed. Press your nose back the same way you do when using an electric trimmer, and carefully trim the nose hairs with the scissors until the hairs no longer protrude from the nostrils. Work in a lighted area when using scissors around the facial area.