How Do You Get Rid of Navel Hair?

How Do You Get Rid of Navel Hair?

Getting rid of navel hair only takes a few minutes. Shaving is a simple and cost-effective way to do so. To get rid of your navel hair, you need a razor, water and some shaving cream.

  1. Apply shaving cream to your navel

    Make sure your navel is clean and ready to be shaved. Do not wear any clothing that could get in the way of shaving or get wet. Spread some shaving cream onto your hand and then apply it generously to the areas you want to focus on for hair removal.

  2. Shave the hair off carefully

    Move your razor very slowly across the areas where you want to remove hair. Avoid using any sudden jerking movements or to moving in a new direction with the blade still pressed. The process of shaving should be painless, but if you nick yourself, you may feel some pain.

  3. Examine your results over the next few days

    Evaluate the hair removal. In some cases, the hair may grow back within a few days and then needs to be shaved off again. If you have razor burn or any nicks from shaving, you may want to consider a new shaving cream and razor combination.