How Do You Get Rid of Nail Fungus?

How Do You Get Rid of Nail Fungus?

To cure nail fungus, first get an accurate diagnosis. Try home remedies for an appropriate length of time, then over-the-counter options. Take prescription medication if necessary.

  1. Get an accurate diagnosis

    Nail fungus is described accurately with illustrations in articles and on websites. If unsure, check with a physician. Nail fungus is not critical or deadly, but is unattractive.

  2. Treat with home remedies

    Multiple home remedies for nail fungus are available. A popular one is a mix of 5 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar. Soak your hands or feet in this mixture for 15 minutes, then soak in water mixed with several tablespoons of baking soda for another 15 minutes. Pat your hands or feet completely dry with paper towels. Follow this process twice a day.

  3. Advance to over-the-counter medications

    If after two to three months of faithful treatment, the fungus doesn't improve, then try over-the-counter medications. These are liquids painted onto the nail with the fungus. Again, this is usually a lengthy process.

  4. Advance to prescription medication

    If nothing else helps, or if the fungus begins to spread to other nails, talk to a physician about prescription treatments. These are hard on the body, so may be a last resort. Follow through on all prescribed treatments to ensure complete eradication of the fungus.

  5. Practice prevention

    Keep hands and feet clean and dry. Wear clean socks every day. Treat immediately if any recurrence is suspected.