How Do You Get Rid of a Keloid Forming Around a Nose Ring?

The only way to get rid of a keloid once it has formed is through the surgical removal of the scar tissue in a doctor's office, according to Keloids are an overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of a wound that forms when the body over-defends itself.

African Americans are most prone to keloids, and if a person is particularly prone to developing keloids, it is typically recommended that they refrain from getting tattoos or piercings to prevent keloid formation, according to Keloids are not painful, can range from tiny to quite large, and are made up only of scar tissue and no additional fluids.

If a bump has formed around a nose piercing that is painful or seeps blood or pus, it is not a keloid, according to These are signs of an infection or a sebaceous cyst, which are more common than keloids following a piercing. Cleansing with an antimicrobial soap can help clear up an infection, but if the pain doesn't go away in a couple days, it's a good idea to visit a doctor for additional treatment. In the case of a sebaceous cyst, these typically have to be removed surgically as well, so it's important to seek medical treatment.