How Do You Get Rid of an Ingrown Toenail?

Treating an ingrown nail at home is a simple process that requires soaking the affected foot several times daily, massaging inflamed skin and properly trimming the toenail. If you suffer from diabetes, poor circulation, nerve damage in the foot area or if the ingrown toenail has become infected, consult a physician for treatment recommendations.

  1. Soak the foot

    Soak the foot with the ingrown toenail should in warm water for 15 minutes, three to four times per day. Dry the foot thoroughly after soaking, and keep it dry between treatments.

  2. Trim toenail properly

    Prior to trimming toenail soak foot in warm water. Be sure that your toenail trimmer is clean and sharp. Do not attempt to trim toenails too short or to round corners; trim the nail straight across the top. Do not attempt to trim away the ingrown area, as this may worsen the condition.

  3. Choose proper footwear

    If possible, it is best to wear sandals until the ingrown toenail has healed completely.

  4. Monitor the toenail as it heals

    Examine the ingrown toenail regularly. If the condition worsens, see a doctor or foot specialist. A doctor may prescribe antibiotics to fight infection or find that it is necessary remove the affected area of the nail completely.