How Do You Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs?


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Get rid of ingrown hairs by rubbing a clean cotton swab in the opposite direction of the ingrown hair to gently pull it out of the skin. If that doesn't work, use a pair of tweezers to pull the portion of the hair out that is stuck inside the skin. Make sure not to pull out the hair completely, because it irritates the hair follicle.

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Ingrown hairs often go away on their own without any additional treatment, although hairs that are hard to remove frequently require a doctor's intervention. This is especially true if the hair becomes infected. To remove the hair, the doctor makes a small incision with a sterile scalpel or needle to release the hair from the skin. In some cases, a steroid cream is also prescribed to reduce swelling caused by the ingrown hair. Retinoid steroid creams also remove dead skin cells and reduce darkening of the skin caused by ingrown hairs. An oral or topical antibiotic is also prescribed to treat any infection. In some cases, the best treatment is to allow the hair to grow out longer. The ends of longer hairs are not as sharp, which prevents them from curling around and piercing the skin.

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