How Do I Get Rid of Highlights in My Hair?

To get rid of hair highlights, wait for them to grow out, wash the hair with shampoo that is not meant for color-treated hair or dye the highlighted portions the same color as the rest of the hair. Growing out highlights is problematic because it results in dark roots until the highlights are completely gone.

The appropriate solution for this problem depends on how dramatically the highlights must change for the wearer to be satisfied.

Step 1: Attempt to remove the highlights with shampoo

Shampoo that is not designed for color-treated hair will slowly strip the color from the highlighted portions of the hair. Multiple washings are required to achieve this effect, so it might take several days to see results.

Step 2: Dye the highlighted hair to match the individual's natural color

It might be necessary to re-dye the highlights so they return to the natural color. Select a shade that is similar to the natural color using the color examples on the back of the box. Separate the highlights using clips or combs, then apply the dye to those portions only based on the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3: Grow out the highlights

If the wearer does not want to dry out the hair by re-dyeing or continuous washing, it might be necessary to grow out the highlights. This process can be hastened by cutting the hair shorter so the wearer does not have to wait as long.