How Do You Get Rid of Frown Lines Between the Eyebrows?

rid-frown-lines-between-eyebrows Credit: Cultura RM/Keith Clouston/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

Completely removing frown lines means maintaining a regular skin care regimen, using retinoids, and possibly getting Botox or injectable fillers injected into the wrinkles. The daily regimen takes roughly 15 minutes and requires moisturizing cleanser, daily moisturizer, night cream and wrinkle cream.

  1. Get enough sleep

    Start by getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep, preferably lying on the back. Sleeping face-down increases brow wrinkles.

  2. Wash the face lightly

    Use a moisturizing face wash to cleanse the face in the morning and in the evening. Avoid using harsh soaps that strip the skin's natural oils.

  3. Moisturize daily

    Use a light moisturizer in the morning, massaging the lotion into the frown lines. The massage promotes circulation. Apply both a heavy-duty moisturizer and a wrinkle-reducing cream at night, massaging them into the forehead.

  4. Use a retinoid twice a week

    Tretinon is FDA-approved to reduce wrinkles. Apply a retinoid cream to the frown lines twice a week. Use copious sunscreen, as retinoids cause sun sensitivity.

  5. Get Botox every three months

    The most effective treatment for removing frown lines is Botox, a drug made from the toxin called Clostridium botulinum. The toxin paralyzes the muscles, which smooths away the frown lines. Get Botox injections in the target area every three months to reduce the appearance of frown lines and to prevent them from recurring.

  6. Get an absorbable injectable filler

    Absorbable injectable fillers, such as collagen, actually fill in the wrinkles, making the skin look smooth. Fillers need to be injected every four months.