How Do You Get Rid of Foot Odor?


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Washing the feet with antibacterial soap and using commercial odor reducers can help reduce foot odor. It is necessary to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in order to control the problem.

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Foot odor can be controlled by limiting the number of odor-causing bacteria on the feet and in the home. Wash feet twice daily with an antibacterial soap, and allow the soap to remain on the feet for several minutes before rinsing. After washing, dry the feet thoroughly, and wash all shoes in hot, soapy water before wearing them again.

Wearing clean socks each day and wearing breathable shoes can prevent excessive bacteria from growing on the feet. Open-toed shoes, for instance, are a breathable option that reduces perspiration and odor. If possible, do not wear the same pair of shoes for two or more consecutive days, and store the shoes in a sunny, airy location to dry for at least 24 hours after wearing to reduce moisture and bacteria.

To help eliminate foot odor, one can also limit exposure to odor-causing bacteria in the home. Cleaning the tub or shower thoroughly after each use is one way to do this. If an infection is present, such as athlete's foot, treat it with the proper medications. Commercial odor-reducing products can be used along with other methods to eliminate odors. For instance, spray antiperspirants specifically designed for foot odor, medicated insoles and antibacterial socks are options that can be used to reduce foot odor.

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