How Do You Get Rid of a Facial Scab Quickly?

There is no way to immediately get rid of a scab. It is part of the natural healing process and should not be disturbed unnecessarily, explains acne expert Angela Palmer for

Cease picking at the scab, keep the area clean and apply antibiotic ointment, suggests Palmer. Allowing the skin to heal uninterrupted gives it the best chance to heal quickly and not get reinfected. Picking at skin can also have the unintentional effect of scarring or permanently damaging the skin.

Despite the inability to speed the recovery process internally, try using tea tree oil to help fight bacteria and keep the affected area clean, recommends Palmer. Use a bandage if the scab is in a place that might get rubbed or irritated during the day, notes WebMD.

A scab is formed when the skin is broken anywhere on the body, according to KidsHealth. It is made from blood cells and thread-like material called fibrin that stick together to cover the wound. The scab's job is to cover and protect the body from any bacteria or debris that might get into an open wound and infect it. Once the skin underneath a scab heals sufficiently, the scab dries completely and detaches from the skin.