How Do I Get Rid of an Eyebrow Piercing Infection?

Clean a piecing well with a quality antibacterial soap, and flush it with plenty of clean water to treat an infected eyebrow piercing, as advised by Pacific Body Jewellery. However, in the case of an infection that is distended, oozing green puss, very sore to the touch or has led to swollen glands, muscle stiffness or fever, seek immediate medical attention.

Pacific Body Jewellery recommends not removing eyebrow jewellery in the case of an infection, as this can cause the infection to turn into an abscess. Instead, visit the original piercer or a family doctor for any infected piercing that does not turn around within 24 hours of treatment with antibacterial soap and rinsing. Home care is only recommended for an infection when it is still in the early stages and performed at the first sign of infection, which is typically characterized by pain to the touch and slight swelling.

To prevent an eyebrow piercing from becoming infected, Pacific Body Jewellery suggests using a gentle cleanser to clean it every day when bathing. Clean the piercing especially well after swimming or soaking in a hot tub. Avoid applying any lotions, oils or salves to an eyebrow piercing that is under a year old.