How Do You Get Rid of Dreadlocks?

How Do You Get Rid of Dreadlocks?

To get rid of dreadlocks, wash your hair, section off the dreadlocks, add conditioner to your dreadlocks, pick each dreadlock until it unravels, and comb the loose hair. Removing dreadlocks is a time-consuming, and it requires a spray bottle, water, conditioner, a rat-tail comb and a standard comb.

  1. Wash your hair

    Wash your hair. Dry it until it stops dripping, but leave the hair moist.

  2. Section off the dreadlocks

    Separate your hair into groups. There should be two clusters on the top of your head, and two at the bottom.

  3. Add more moisture to the hair

    Fill a spray bottle with water and a small amount of conditioner. and moisten it each section of hair.

  4. Apply more conditioner

    Put conditioner on your hand, and rub it thoroughly into the first dreadlock. It should be completely saturated.

  5. Pick the dreadlock

    Using a rat-tail comb, gently pick at the bottom of the dreadlock. Continue adding water and conditioner as you pick the dreadlock loose. Expect hair loss.

  6. Comb the hair

    After the dreadlock unravels, spray it with the conditioner and water mixture. Use a standard comb to remove any excess hair. Repeat the entire process for each dreadlock.

  7. Take a shower

    After removing all dreadlocks, take a shower and wash your hair. Brush it, and then remove any split ends.