How Do You Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells?


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One of the most common and effective methods of stripping away dead skin cells is exfoliation. This process may be done with the use of scrubs that have an abrasive surface or by using specialized solutions that strips away the dead skin cells even without scrubbing the skin.

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Some of the most common scrubs that effectively exfoliates the skin include bath loofahs and pumice stones. Exfoliating cleansers on the other hand, does the job by dissolving the dead skin cells that wash away as the cleanser is rinsed off from the skin.

The cells on the skin continuously regenerate, and the dead skin is not always washed away by bathing alone. As the dead skin cells pile up on the skin, the buildup causes the skin to look dry, rough and dull. Dead skin cells also tend to clog the pores on the skin, trapping sebum and bacteria inside the pores, which in turn causes other skin blemishes such as blackheads and acne breakouts.

Regular exfoliation helps keep the skin looking healthy and fresh. Cleaner skin also responds better to other beauty treatments such as moisturizing creams and toners. Care must also be taken when choosing the kind exfoliation method due to varying skin sensitivities. This is because some skin types may respond well to a particular exfoliation method but react negatively to another.

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