How Do You Get Rid of Dark Underarms?

How Do You Get Rid of Dark Underarms?

Get rid of dark underarms by waxing or plucking hair instead of shaving. Coconut oil, lime juice and baking soda are natural remedies that lighten dark underarms.

Wax the underarms to lighten dark underarms, as this removes hair from the root without leaving a stubble. Exfoliate the underarm area with a lactic-acid-based product to remove dead skin cells and to brighten the skin. Use a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant to limit skin darkening.

Scrub the underarms with a paste made of baking soda and water. This lightens the skin. Follow by washing the area and drying it thoroughly. Repeat this treatment a few times each week to accelerate results.

Rub slices of potatoes or cucumber slices on the underarms to bleach the skin. For fast results, use this remedy twice daily.

Apply lemon juice to the underarms to lighten them and to remove dead skin cells. Repeat several times each week for quick results.

Massage the underarms with coconut oil to lighten the skin color. Leave the oil on for around 15 minutes. Rinse the area with warm water.

Orange peel has skin-lightening properties. To use, dry some orange peels in the sun. Grind the peels, and mix with milk and rose water. Scrub the underarms with it. Leave it on for around 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.