How Do You Get Rid of Cellulite?

To get rid of cellulite, eat healthy foods, exercise, apply cellulite-minimizing products, exfoliate, moisturize and massage the area. Getting rid of cellulite is an ongoing process that takes between 10 and 20 minutes a day and requires an anti-cellulite product, exfoliant, a massager and moisturizer.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

    Fill meals with fiber, whole grains, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Whole grains and fiber help the body eliminate waste. Drink water to help get rid of fat.

  2. Do cellulite-reducing exercises

    Work the target muscle groups to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Practice exercises such as lunges, kick backs, leg lifts and squats.

  3. Exfoliate every day

    Apply an exfoliant every day, rinsing well.

  4. Apply anti-cellulite products

    Apply a liberal amount of a cellulite-reducing product to the target area twice a day. These products draw out moisture from between the bands of collagen, which creates a smoother appearance.

  5. Moisturize every day

    Apply a thick cream to the target area every day. Dewy skin minimizes the appearance of cellulite.

  6. Massage the area three times a week

    While lying on your back, bend one leg and draw it to your chest. Hold it for 20 seconds, release and repeat with the opposite leg. This boosts the circulation in the legs. On the days you don't stretch, use a massager to stimulate blood flow.

Liposuction is another popular treatment for cellulite, although it can make the problem worse. Mesotherapy involves injecting substances like enzymes and vitamins into the tissue beneath the skin. It has a temporary effect on reducing cellulite but also comes with side effects like swelling and infection. Laser treatment is a therapy supported by the FDA, according to WebMD. By breaking down pockets of fat beneath the skin, it smoothes the dimpled effect caused by cellulite.

Weight loss is the most effective treatment for cellulite, according to Mayo Clinic. Regularly losing pounds and toning muscles significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite, but it does not make it disappear altogether. Most women suffer from cellulite. Alternative therapies like vigorous massage that target the blood vessels beneath the skin have short-term effects. However, there is little scientific evidence to back up the use of massage as a cellulite-curing therapy, notes WebMD.