How Do You Get Rid of Calluses on Your Feet?


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There are multiple ways to remove calluses from your feet, depending on the severity of the calluses. You can remove some calluses by soaking your feet in water for at least five minutes, then using a pumice stone or a callus file to gently slough away the thickened skin. You can also use medicated foot pads that break down the skin. In extreme cases, a podiatrist may be able to safely remove very thick calluses.

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  1. Soak your feet

    Place your feet in a container of warm water for at least five minutes, allowing the skin to soften and making it easier to remove.

  2. Gently scrub off the callused skin

    Using a pumice stone or a callus file, go over the callused skin on your feet with medium pressure. Too much pressure could make the callus grow back thicker. You may not be able to remove all of the callused skin at one time. Continue to gently slough off the calluses on a daily basis after soaking your feet or in the shower.

  3. Apply medicated callus pads

    Place medicated callus pads with salicylic acid on your feet. Salicylic acid slowly breaks down the thickened skin. You can buy over-the-counter pads at any drug store. Talk with your podiatrist, however, before using them.

  4. Have your podiatrist remove them

    Visit your podiatrist if you have severe or extremely thick calluses on your feet. Podiatrists have special, sterilized scalpels to remove the calluses safely. Do not attempt to cut off the calluses yourself or you will risk an infection or other injury if you cut too deep.

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