How Do You Get Rid of Burn Marks on Your Face?

Home remedies for facial burn scars include using lemon and tomato juice as a topical treatment, explains Dr. Uma Singh for TheHealthSite. Other remedies include applying lavender essential oil to the affected area and treating the burn with a barley, turmeric and yogurt paste.

To treat burn scars using tomato and lemon juice, two clean washcloths are needed, notes Singh. First, rinse the burn mark thoroughly with room-temperature water. Then, moisten one of the washcloths. Place the moist cloth over the affected area for several hours. Moisten the second washcloth with fresh lemon juice and gently dab the scar. Dry the area and apply the tomato juice. This process should be repeated twice daily until the burn scars dissipate. This remedy works because lemon and tomato juice have properties that help remove dead skin and rejuvenate the affected area. Lemon is needed for its acidic properties and tomato juice is a bleaching agent.

Lavender oil is effective when applied to burn scars because of its antiseptic properties that promote healing, according to Singh. When lavender oil is quickly applied to a fresh burn, the burn may heal without scarring. A pain-relieving and healing paste can be made from equal parts barley, turmeric and yogurt.