How Do I Get Rid of Brassy Highlights?

The best way to get rid of brassy highlights is to use a purple- or blue-tinted shampoo, which cancels out the yellow and orange undertones that occur in hair that is colored lighter than the natural color. You can also use toner as needed, or go to the salon and have a professional restore your color.

  1. Purchase a blue or purple shampoo

    If your highlights become brassy, a quick fix is to use a blue or purple shampoo. These can be purchased at drugstores, beauty supply stores, a salon or online. The purple or blue shampoo works by removing the yellow and orange that develops as your highlighted hair fades. The fading can be caused by sun exposure, ocean water or other reasons. After a few washes, you should see improvement in the color of your highlights, and it will lengthen the time between at-home coloring or salon visits.

  2. Purchase hair toner

    If you need further color correction, you can purchase a toner for your hair. Toner can be found at a beauty supply store. Since the brassiness in your hair is a warm tone, you want to purchase toner that has a cool tone so it cancels out the brassiness. Make sure to follow the instructions on the toner bottle, and wear gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals. The toner will last up to a few weeks.

  3. Go to the salon

    A salon professional can also assist you with removing the brassy color from your highlights. They can re-color your hair, dye it darker, tone it and more. If you go this route, speak to a trusted stylist about the options that are best for your color-treated hair.