How Do You Get Rid of Blackheads Fast?

To quickly get rid of blackheads, shower, cover the blackheads with moisturizer, lay plastic wrap and hot washcloths over the skin, wait several minutes, and squeeze out the blackheads with tissue-covered fingers. This 10-minute process requires a shower, a towel, a mirror, moisturizer, washcloths, plastic wrap and facial tissues.

  1. Heat the skin

    Take a shower with very warm water, and then pat the skin dry with a soft towel.

  2. Cover the blackheads

    Apply a thick layer of oil-free moisturizer over the blackheads, and cover them with plastic wrap. Run two clean washcloths under hot water, wring them out, and lay them over the plastic. Leave the plastic wrap and washcloths on the skin for five minutes. This softens the blackheads so they are easier to extract.

  3. Extract the blackheads

    Remove the washcloths, and discard the plastic wrap. Wipe the moisturizer off of the skin with a tissue. Cover each pointer finger with a tissue, and gently squeeze the blackheads. Leave some space between your fingers and the blackheads, and move your fingers around the blackhead after each squeeze. If a blackhead does not come out after three or four attempts, move on to a different one to avoid breaking capillaries or damaging the skin.