How Do You Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes Without Makeup?

To reduce puffiness under the eyes, stay hydrated, apply a topical solution and avoid salt. Sometimes under-eye puffiness is hereditary. If this is the case, sometimes medical intervention is necessary.

Under-eye puffiness is frustrating; however, in most cases, it is easy to take care of. There are a few different options a person can try to reduce the puffiness.

Step 1: Stay hydrated

One of the primary reasons for puffiness under eyes is lack of hydration. Keep in mind that alcohol can contribute to swelling, even in the delicate skin under the eyes. Drink plenty of water every day to flush out toxins and help keep skin healthy and supple.

Step 2: Apply a topical solution

There are a number topical applications a person can try other than using makeup. A cold spoon, for example, tightens up the skin. Another product that works well is hemorrhoid cream. The main ingredient in the cream constricts blood vessels, which tightens the skin. Witch hazel and tea bags work well also.

Step 3: Avoid salt

Too much salt in the diet can cause swelling everywhere, including under the eyes. Sodium intake should be limited to 2,300 milligrams a day. To counter-act the effects of salt, eat a diet rich in vitamin B foods, such as spinach.